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Postal Fun Fact!

The Halibut Cove Post Office (99603) in Homer, AK, floats. The office is a small houseboat that is permanently tied to a dock.


What Is This?

(or for short) is a simple web app that gets your local date and tells you if you should expect USPS mail delivery for that day or not, based on if it's an official postal holiday or just another Sunday (it has no knowledge of the status in your local area).


While it might serve a 'stupid' or trivial purpose the aim of it is simple: to save you a trip to the mailbox.

As for the 'why' of "Why I got the idea to make it": on Juneteenth 2022 I was curious as to whether or not there was mail that day (which there wasn't 😁), on my way back from the mailbox, no bills, magazines, or letters in hand, I then wondered if someone had already made a website that tells you if there's mail for that day.

Not to my surprise, someone had, and while it's functional, the design is a bit outdated so I thought I'd try my hand at making something similar, and so on June 21, 2022, v1 was officially released.

Questions or Feedback?

If you've found a bug in or have any questions or feedback about it I'd love to know!

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